Saab 900 turbo

What is the difference between 900 S and 900 turbo?

  • intercooler and intake
  • prime gear 7 (not 6)
  • APC system

APC is a system that allows you to delay the opening of the wastgate, so that instead of the base pressure (0.4 bar) you get 0.85 bar.

Factory data:

900/900S/Convertible (lpt) – B202 16-valve low pressure turbo (LPT), 145 PS (107 kW; 143 hp) at 5600 rpm and 202 N⋅m (149 lb⋅ft)

900 turbo – B202 16-valve turbo, 160 (118 kW) at 5500 rpm and 255 N⋅m (188 lb⋅ft)  //175 HP, 185 HP  special versions//

The factory data can be improved (without changing boost pressure), as shown in the following charts from the dynamometer – without apc and with apc prepared by 900classic. Note that the curves are smoother after the modification, and mamximum torque and power are obtained at lower rpm, improving road performance